New Brazilian jiu jitsu Illustrations!

Here are several illustrations that I made over the first week of October 2018. I am grateful for my jiu jitsu friends who let me make illustrations of them, and who have shown me so much appreciation and made me feel like I was contributing to the school meaningfully! Check out more BJJ illustrations and the process here!

Welcome to Theo's Graphic Design and Web Design Portfolio

Graphic Design

Learn more about the logo design process for Rise Up Martial¬† Arts Academy’s Phoenix

Need Web Design?

Websites can be a critical resource for your customers to connect to your business, and deliver your message. If you need website modernization, or a brand-new website for new business, it is important to consider how your potential customers find you first!

Welcome Theo Howard’s design & web portfolio

Theo is an illustrator, graphic artist, and web designer. Theo has been doing illustration and graphic design since 2005, and web design since 2008.

Theo has been focusing mostly on web design and development, which connected him more deeply with local businesses, and since he knew the Adobe design suite, he was asked more and more to develop design assets and new materials incidentally.

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Web Design Projects

Web design projects are my primary focus, and require many tools, including the Adobe Suite for image optimization, and vector graphics for logo design and brand elements. Web design also requires Content Management Software, social media integration, Google webmaster tools and analytics, appropriate plugins and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and lately more PHP.

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Live Caricatures for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, and Graduations!

Airbrushed caricatures, or black and white


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Airbrush Artwork and Caricatures Portfolio

Theo has been drawing caricatures and airbrushing for over 10 years. He started doing airbrushed caricatures after studying illustration in college, and caricatures and airbushing are very useful skills for a versatile illustrator to have. Theo has drawn caricatures at The Mall of America, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and inumerable parties, events, fairs, and festivals. He especially enjoys entertaining at wedding receptions!

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