Airbrush Artist Services, Looking for Automotive Finishers

I am currently looking for automotive paint and bodyshops to collaborate with. I have 11+ years of airbrush experience and am looking to transfer this to skill to painting on cars and motorcycles. Contact me at the phone or email above if you would like to collaborate. Below is a sampling of my past work.
Wisconsin Wildlife Motorcycle helmet, airbrushed bass on side
Wisconsin Wildlife Motorcycle helmet, Airbrushed Buck on Front
Wisconsin Wildlife Motorcycle helmet, Turkey on side

Three views of the airbrushed wisconsin wildlife motorcycle helmet. Click here to see how it was made.

Custom Airbrushed Artwork

I have been airbrushing for 11+ years. I┬ádo custom artwork for customers that satsifies their imagery requirements, and design it so that it compliments the shape of the object and it’s paintable area.
I am seeking automotive finishers because I want to be a specialty service that compliments your skillset and can be offered as an additional service by your shop, and bring you more business.

Contact Theo for custom Airbrushed Artwork


Automotive Airbrush and Finish on Skateboards

I primed, metal-flaked, and taped out these skate decks before airbrushing them, and then clear-coated them. I used candy and irridescent paints, practiced some flames and tape-patterns, and airbrushed lace texture onto them. It was a fun and interesting process, but it was very challenging without the proper facilities and an inadequate compressor, which is part of the reason I’m looking for partnerships and collaborators.


Contact Theo for custom Airbrushed Artwork

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