color couples caricatures

Caricature Artist for Hire

Live Caricatures at your Event

Theo Howard draws caricatures for all kinds of parties, including birthdays, graduations, post proms, and holiday events! Theo specializes in drawing caricatures at wedding receptions!


Caricatures are a Unique Party Experience

If you want a fun, unique entertainment experience for your next event, call or email Theo! Caricatures are way more exciting than photobooths, and you know it’ll be fun to watch your dear friends and family squirm as you watch an image come together, and they have no idea what it looks like until the end!

How Many Caricatures can Theo Draw per Hour?

Each caricature usually only takes 5-7 minutes, which comes out to a staggering 17 faces per hour! No one gets bored when Theo is drawing and he prides himself on doing very detailed, very funny exaddurated likenesses!

Looking for an Experienced Caricature Artist for Hire Near Me?

Caricaturist Theo Howard lives in Madison WI, and travels to Milwaukee and Chicago regularly. His experience includes drawing caricatures all over the country for over ten years, including the Mall of America (Minneapolis), and Six Flags Magic Mountain (Los Angeles). The most famous celebrity that Theo has drawn live is Kim Kardashian and, her boyfriend at the time, Reggie Bush. Theo has drawn at inumerable fairs as well, including county fairs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Illinois. Theo loves drawing fun, humerous people at festivals like Octoberfest.

Color Airbrushed Caricatures

group caricature Middleton_Good_neighbor_Festival in marker and airbrushed color

Color, or Black and White

At parties, Theo typically does black and white drawings so that he can get through as many guests as possible, while at fairs and in the studio, he does black and white, or full color caricatures.

Black and White Caricatures

black and white Couple caricatures at Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest in Chippewa Falls WI

Contact Theo about Caricatures

Bruce Lee Digital Caricature

Digital Caricature of Bruce Lee by Theo Howard

Entertainment for College Campus Parties

Barbeques, Homecoming, Orientation

Students love getting their pictures drawn, laughing together, and have a fun memory to hang on their dorm or apartment wall! Previous campus clients include Madison College and the University of Wisconsin System.

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