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Innocence Entering a World of Strange and Terrible Beauty

My first digital painting masterpiece

“Masterpiece” is a strange word and concept, but I approach it as being the culmination of all of one’s skill to demonstrate mastery of a medium. The strange part about setting out with the intention of creating a digital painting masterpiece is the descovery of one’s own limitations and strengths within that medium. This artwork is four feet by six feet, and very detailed. The goal was to have it finished in time for the Health Sciences Student Art Show at Ebling Library, in the Health Sciences Learning Center attached to UW Hospital in Madison. I met really great people at this art show, including the art show facilitator, and another artist who showed work( I used this artwork to cope with graduate school, which was miserable.

Favorite Web Design Resources 2016

Some of my favorite Web Design Resources of 2016 Over the course of 2016, I have found some very useful, sometimes surprising websites. I thought I would share some of these will you, as well as make a little blog post for myself, in case I lose track of my bookmarks!...

Providing Value as a Web Developer

 A Prospective Client Asked Me Why I Charge more than another Web Developer Providing Value as a Web Developer The other day I was asked by a prospective client why I charge more than another web developer. The cost of a good Web developer is not cheap, but should be...

Mad Railers and Sonic Pi: Programming music with Ruby

Mad Railers and Sonic Pi: Programming music with Ruby

Mad Railers Meetup at the Library I have to focus on AngularJS right now, but I went to a Mad Railers Meetup event last night at the Madison Central Library, and I am very excited about what was presented there. Scott Fradkin, a local Javascript and Java developer,...

My WordPress Goals for 2016

In 2016, I plan to use WordPress for web development and blogging for myself and others. In this post, I will lay out my WordPress goals for the new year to develop strong WordPress skills. Where I am now with WordPress To know where to go and how to get there with...

Theo Howard Portrait by Noah Willman

Theo Howard Bio

Theo Howard is a web designer/developer who likes building Wordpress websites for his clients. He is also an artist and illustrator who likes to paint, draw, and airbrush. Theo has extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, and psychology (studied occupational therapy at the Masters level). Theo also likes to practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, and judo.

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