Rise Up's Phoenix logo: design process below

Pheonix logo with color

Original Logo Vector Graphics, crafted by Theo Howard

Theo can make great drawings into well-organized vector graphics for logos and other branding graphics or illustrations. Theo uses Adobe illustrator, and is knowledgeable in clean files, and exports types and media. Theo has a solid consultation process for developing outstanding vectors to client satisfaction.

Theo’s Logo Design Process:

  • Initial client consultation-Establish the needs of the client, important imagery and symbols, brand and identity, and values.
  • Proliferation of variants- based on the consultation, several variations on the concept are drawn, redrawn as thumbnail sketches of the logo.
  • Refinement based on feedback- After the client gives feedback on the thumbnail sketches, the elements of the sketches are culled, or recombined to meet the needs and desires of the client. 
  • Finalization of the logo vector-When the client approves, the final logo is built in Adobe Illustrator, and exported to various file formats for use in varying media.

See the process from start to finish, below

Initial Design Consultation

Logo design starts with a consultation to establish needs and expectations of the client.

The drawings at this point are very loose and free-form, to capture a feeling and liveliness.



Proliferation: several fast “thumbnail sketches” of your logo concept

During or after the initial consultation, after expectations have been established, your concept is sketched as “thumbnails” a grid of 10 to twenty small drawings of your logo. You will have the opportunity to give feedback and consult about the design and direction of the logo. Whole drawings or parts may be combined in the refinements of your logo.



Refinement: turning the sketches into a scaleable vectors.

Your vector will be turned into scaleable vector files so that they can be imported into any media without losing it’s sharpness or quality.

The Final Logo and Wordmark

Examples of Business Use of the Logo

Contact Theo for vector illustrations and logo design

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