Stronghold 3% Mural Design

This mural was designed for Stronghold Athletics. It features the Brazilian jiu jitsu belt colors arranged as the stripes of the American flag, with a large yellow “3%” over it.

The 3% refers to those jiu jitsu practitioners who compete in tournaments, and that they are the most dedicated, and take on the greatest risk for love of the sport. The logo is a combination of elements that are sported by the Shawn Hammonds Competition Team, of which Wade Barden and Stronghold Athletics are affiliated.

Logo design client resources

Stronghold Athletics had a strong concept of what they wanted when they approached me, messaged me two images containing resources for the inspiration, that came from Shawn Hammonds Competition team, which Stronghold is affiliated with. The first was a large yellow 3% with “3% are above criticism,” and the jiu jitsu belts American flag in the background from the other image.

3% logo vector design client consultation

3% logo vector design, Gathering References

Rough Logo Design

I layed out the logo roughly, got approval, and then started building the vector.

Final Logo Design

I built the vector in Adobe illustrator. The words over the top were added, and the weight of the 3% was reduced to show more of the flag.

Turning the logo into a mural


3% Logo on the Wall

3% Logo Painting nearly Finished

3% Logo Painting nearly Finished

3 percent logo mural finished for Shawn Hammonds Brazilian jiu jitsu Seminar

3 percent logo mural finished for Shawn Hammonds Brazilian jiu jitsu Seminar

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