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Hire Caricature Artist Theo Howard for Student Activity Day Entertainment

Caricatures provide exciting entertainment to help your students feel community and excitement during student activity days on campus.

Theo is arguably the best caricature artist currently working in the Madison WI area, he uses black markers on paper, and can produce about 17 caricatures per hour, all with exceptional likeness to the students being drawn. If you haven’t had drawings by Theo at your event, you should give it a try at your next student activity day.

  • Caricatures are an exciting surprise for students
  • The drawings are a fun and unique memento for your students to build friendships over
  • Facilitate students connecting with each other, and enjoy their campus
  • Caricatures get people to laugh and interact with each other
  • Excellent value for entertaining a large volume of people!

What to expect from a caricature artist performing at the student activities day event:

Caricatures are fast cartoon portraits, and they should demonstrate an uncanny likeness to the students being portrayed in the drawing.

Caricatures are fun and the artist should be able to entertain the people being drawn, as well as spectators who are watching, and the people in line for artwork.

The artist should draw  at least 15 people per hour, so that many people can have artwork to take with them, and show their friends what a great time they had.

A caricature artist MUST have an appealing style, that is easy to read and tell which person is in each image, and who is who in a group within the drawing.

Find out more about caricatures at your next Student activities Day

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