In 2016, I plan to use WordPress for web development and blogging for myself and others. In this post, I will lay out my WordPress goals for the new year to develop strong WordPress skills.

Where I am now with WordPress

To know where to go and how to get there with any goal, it is important to know where one’s skills are currently. I know how to install WordPress, I can navigate the file structure, and install plug-ins, and I enjoy the search engine optimization aspects.

I took a WordPress Bootcamp in 2015 with GrowMadison, a WordPress Optimization Study Hall January 21, 2016, and I am scheduled to participate in a couple of WordPress seminars through March.

How I Intend to Improve

The parts that I need to get better at are finding themes that I like, and tailoring the appearance of those themes to different pages and sites. I have a good deal of HTML and CSS experience outside of WordPress, so I think it will be a matter of tinkering with the blogs I am already running, but in addition, I have several online classes that I would like to complete, especially especially building my own theme, and how to monetize blogging.

I also have three active blogs set up, but with little content, so I am committing to blogging on each at least once per week. The blogs that I am currently running are on:

  • This is my personal website, and will have my artwork and projects, and professional developments posted regularly. Artwork will include airbrushing, caricatures, and painting and drawing, while professional development will include web design and development, programming, and blogging. I want to start selling prints of my artwork from here later this year, and do well on search engine optimization(SEO) for my art business.
  • is an art community that I have been working on developing for about six months. WordPress goals for this site include posting about upcoming events and artwork  that gets made, as well as trying out merchandising and sponsorship here to make art events sustainable. Artist interviews and features will be a big part of this site eventually.
  • is a website without a clear vision at this point, but I would like to turn this into a blog website that reports on a variety sporting events that I like, such as mixed martial arts, rowing, and others, and would serve as the reason to go to these events and network in these communities. WordPress goals for this site include covering current trends in training, competition, and governing bodies. I want to interview athletes for this site as well.

I may start another site or two, especially ones that focus more on WooCommerce and merchandising, and other specialized WordPress plugin tools. One of these sites may be a health or therapy related blog to keep in touch and relevant with the graduate studies I did in occupational therapy.


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