A Prospective Client Asked Me Why I Charge more than another Web Developer

Providing Value as a Web Developer

The other day I was asked by a prospective client why I charge more than another web developer. The cost of a good Web developer is not cheap, but should be a great value for your business. A good website should capture information and be data driven I build websites that are intended to be an important part of a business marketing strategy. On the surface, that means that you will have a great looking site. Beneath that though, and what I think is very important and often neglected, is that the site will be able to collect a lot of data on the people who come to your site. You will know where they come from and where they go, how long they stay, a lot of demographic and geographic information, and much more. Your site will also have many opportunities for people to submit their contact information, follow and share you on social media(facebook, twitter, linkedIn, and many others), and your site will be integrated with these platforms, which will allow you to use many of their ad built-in tools that are otherwise unavailable.

I want to make websites that will give you measurable data on user behavior, so that adjustments can be made to increase desired behaviors, such as opt-ins, contacts, and social shares and follows.
Additionally, during web development, I have a content-driven focus, and work to build websites that are clear and easy to navigate for search engines and users, and use a variety of tools to make sure that the websites that I build are optimized for popular search terms that users and customers are searching for, and measure high ranking competitors’ search engine optimization.
Of course I want to build great-looking websites, and I have a lot of experience as an artist and designer, but it is just so much more important to have a site that can capture leads, measure visitor and client behavior, and are optimized for search engines.

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