WordPress Portfolio for Artists Workshop

Web portfolios are critical for artists. Even if you are on social media and have a great following, a website on the worldwide web gives you the ability to curate your portfolio and guide your audience through your story and your artwork.

WordPress is great for artists to use as portfolio sites because of the simplicity to start and maintain, is reliable, and looks very professional.

What will be covered

This workshop will help artists to build a website in WordPress, upload images, create contact forms, add text, and organize the online customer experience to make sales and new connections with the target audience. We will also cover some Search Engine Optimization.

How to prepare

There are a few necessities and prerequisites, I am happy to work with you to get prepared for the workshop.

  • Basic understanding of the internet
  • Have an example or two of art portfolio websites
  • Let me know if you have a domain name already registered, or if you need one
  • Let me know if you have hosting
  • Usernames and Passwords for your site and web service providers (keep these to yourself, but have them). If you haven’t yet set these up, we can do this before the workshop
  • Willingness to share and be open in a group setting, and to honor what others share in the workshop that might be sensitive
  • Enthusiasm for promoting your artwork and art career
  • Willingness to participate in an ongoing community of professional artists supporting each other

How to Register

Registration form coming soon….






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